The Scailable Platform.

We enable effortless creation and management of edge AI solutions using our AI management platform, the Scailable AI manager installed on edge devices, and the Scailable data logger.

Effortless solution creation and management: The Scailable Platform.

The Scailable platform allows you to effortlessly create and manage edge AI applications. You can easily see which AI library models you can access, for which devices, and you can manage the version(s) of your user generated models.

The Scailable platform allows you to (mass) deploy AI/ML models to target edge devices without the need for any on-device engineering. Effectively you can “swap” models that run on an edge device with the Scailable AI manager installed and remotely change the device configuration.¬†The latter you can do at scale: you can flexibly group devices and deploy models to groups of devices.

Finally, through our advanced platform API, you can integrate the Scailable platform directly into your CI/CD pipelines or create your own AI model management interface on top of the Scailable platform.

Get started effortlessly.

You can try out the Scailable platform and the Scailable AI manager running on selected devices by signing up for a Scailable platform trial. Visit our documentation to experience “Edge AI solution creation in 15 minutes“.

Or, alternatively, book a demo; within 15 minutes we can show you around the Scailable platform and explain how you can save valuable engineering time while developing highly efficient edge AI solutions.

Efficient AI software on selected edge devices: The Scailable AI manager.

To create highly performant and secure edge AI solutions, efficient on-device pipelines and efficient model execution are essential. The Scailable AI manager, a tiny application installed on selected edge devices, makes it possible to simply configure solutions without the need for any on-device engineering. We take care of the pipeline and the most efficient method of running your model on your selected device.

The Scailable AI manager ensures efficient execution of your edge AI solution for a fraction of the cost.

Easy data logging and management: The Scailable data logger.

The Scailable AI manager effortlessly integrates with the Scailable platform to provide large scale solution management. Additionally, we provide effortless (meta)-data logging, flexible data post-processing, and the ability to actively collect new training examples to continuously improve your solution.

Import models from virtually any training platform.

We provide the ability to effortlessly import models trained in virtually any AI/ML training platform out there. We integrate with multiple training tools to make it as simple as possible to create highly performant edge AI solutions.

Take a look at our documentation to see how you can import models using ONNX, TensorFlow, PyTorch, TeachableMachine, or Edge Impulse.


Highly performant on selected devices.

The AI manager comes pre-installed on selected devices saving you valuable setup and configuration time and ensuring that you can roll out your edge AI solution at scale within minutes.

Would you like your hardware to be supported? Please do contact us.


We provide both limited time trial licenses and commercial licenses for the Scailable cloud platform, the Scailable AI manager, and the Scailable data logger. You can purchase edge devices with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed from our partners, saving you valuable configuration and installation time. It is easy to manage your active licenses, add users to your organization, and add new models to your libraries. Contact our sales department here, or directly via chat.

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